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crypto skills

Get smarter about all things crypto with our course on trading and investing. We’re sharing essential knowledge and tools to take you inside the bitcoin and cryptocurrency world.

Become a real Pro in three steps. We have a plan for you 


If you’ve heard something about crypto but consider it to be creepy

In this course, we explain what bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are very simply, how their price is determined, how the market works, how to make money on crypto and much more.

If you want to earn while scrolling your TikTok feed

Crypto can bring additional money, if treated wisely. How to buy and sell cryptocurrency, how crypto exchanges work, how to read a trading chart, how to distinguish a promising asset – you will learn all this and much more as part of this course.

If you're already planning to live in the bright future

Crypto and blockchain are changing the future. They are already around us, even if we don't notice it yet. There is no time to wait, dive into this exciting world!

If horror movies don't scare you anymore, but you’re still up to tickling your nerves a bit

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile and the market never sleeps. Cryptocurrencies are not only a way to earn money but also an exciting pastime. The risk is high, but the reward can also be significant.

What the course involves

Short animated format, simple language, clear examples, real practice
30 lessons from simple to complex
Notes for each lesson
Quizzes and rewards
Tests to check your progress
Certificate of completion

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Not ready to study yet? We have something for you too.

Don't lose money by investing in unsuccessful crypto assets!
We have prepared a checklist for distinguishing promising crypto projects. Start to invest cleverly with some smart tips from us on making sure the coin you're interested in is worth your attention and the effort. 
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