We are fans of the crypto industry.

And have been working long enough in this field to have launched a global cryptocurrency exchange - EXMO - in 2014. Back then, we were among the first to take the plunge into the crypto world.
Currently, EXMO has offices located in the UK, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and the USA. A team that consists of 200 people, who are truly passionate about crypto, is our foundation. 24,000 traders make daily trades on our platform, and the average daily trading volume exceeds $200 million. Also, we have launched our native token, EXMO Coin (EXM).
We have gathered years of our own experience and practice, also invited experienced traders, and created a laconic (and most fun) crypto course - EXMO STUDY.

Course experts

Ihor Porokh

  • Analyst and trader.
  • Into financial markets since 2013.
  • Into the crypto market since 2017.
  • Co-Founder of I.T.G.
  • Crypto Aristocrats Community Ambassador. 
  • Host of analytical broadcasts on EXMO’s YouTube
  • Oleh Fedyshyn

  • Crypto trader and investor since 2017
  • Host of analytical live broadcasts on EXMO Radio- Host of training broadcasts on EXMO
  • Founder of Space FinanceAccordion Description
  • Hlib Afendyk

  • In stock and currency markets since 2008.
  • Investing in crypto since 2017.
  • Teaches methods of technical and wave analysis of financial markets, risk management, specifics of working with cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and, protocols.
  • Eleonora Zolotarova

  • EXMO STUDY Producer 
  • Ex-Head of Content at EXMO
  • Turning complex concepts into simple and intuitive content since 2014 
  • Crypto enthusiast and investor
  • The goal of the EXMO Team is to make crypto accessible to everyone.

    The decision to create this course is one of the steps towards achieving this goal. The market can rise or fall, while the weather, governments of countries and many other factors are subject to change regularly. But the value of cryptocurrency and the technology behind it is not going anywhere.

    We’ve designed this course for beginners who want to understand crypto but do not know how to even approach the question. This course is well structured and will take you by the hand and guide you into the world of the crypto industry, covering simple and complex topics - from "what is bitcoin" to a Countertrend Trading Strategy.

    After completing the course, you can start passively earning with crypto, trading, investing or, at the very least, discussing crypto with friends with an understanding of all issues.