Crypto for newbies

Have you been looking for a way to finally understand this obscure cryptocurrency? Congratulations! You have reached the right link.


We've created this free animated course to explain blockchain and cryptocurrencies, investing, trading and all the confusing aspects in plain and simple terms. 

In fact, crypto and blockchain are no longer a thing of the distant future, they are here, gradually entering our daily routine. Venture capital companies are investing in cryptocurrency, investment funds are adding crypto to their portfolios, countries are declaring bitcoin as an official means of payment, blockchain is solving the problems of fraudulent elections, and half of your friends own several types of stablecoins.

You may be wondering right now:

"Wait, what did I just read? What did all these people find in cryptocurrency? How can digital algorithms be worth a lot of money anyways? What is the technology behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies? After all, how do you even buy bitcoin and create a crypto wallet?"

You will learn and get answers to your questions as you progress through the course.

The course is divided into three levels, from simple to complex. First, you will understand the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and their types, then you will learn how to buy and sell them. Later, we will move on to learning about investing, trading, reading charts, learning strategies and other complex topics.

Each video has subtitles, a summary and a quiz so you can consolidate what you've learnt. We won't simply overwhelm you with theory but also share insights and tips from real-world examples. Study at your own pace, anywhere and anytime!

After completing the course, you will understand how and in which cryptocurrency to invest, how to trade, and what other ways there are to earn from cryptocurrency. And, of course, you will understand exactly just how all this technology works.

Dive into the world of crypto!